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Quality on the Corners

If you want matching quality on your curves and straight edges, that’s what Biesse’s 'Rover A Edge' is designed to give you.

Are you in the market for a machining centre that will perform all your routing, drilling, grooving, horizontal boring and edgebanding in one pass? Do you need a machine that will give you the same edge quality on curves that you’re currently getting out of your straight-line edgebander? If the answer is yes to both questions, then you really need to take a closer look at the brand new Biesse Rover A Edge.

The really clever bit is the Rover A Edge will apply edges using EVA, PUR, or even laser edgebands using Biesse’s unique Rayforce infra-red system. As you might expect, there are some very clever features on the Rover A Edge that will save you time and help you maintain the same quality of edge consistently.

We sell the machine on the quality of the panels it produces - There is no operator intervention for cleaning and trimming and what you get is A1 quality all day long with repeatability.
Paul Willsher Biesse UK’s CNC Brand Sales Manager
Some machines require the edge to be applied then the operator trims, scrapes and cleans the panel once it’s come off the machine. This one does everything – and regardless of whether you are applying with EVA or PUR, the Rover A Edge applies the glue to the board, the same as our straight-line edgebanders.
That means no glue on the tape
Paul Willsher Biesse UK’s CNC Brand Sales Manager
Quality on the Corners: Photo 1
For the ultimate zero-glueline finish using laser edgebanding tapes, Biesse offers the Rover A Edge with its infra-red system, Rayforce. With Rayforce, there is no glue to apply and no possibility of contamination. “Having Rayforce on a Rover A Edge means you can complement the Airforce system on a straight-line edgebander with a system that will produce identical quality on curved components,” says Paul.
Quality on the Corners: Photo 2
“If you are doing straight edges on three edges of a panel using your straight-line edgebander but you need a curved fourth edge, you might get three nice edges but without using the same process you’d see a difference in the glueline on the curved section. We wanted a process that enabled the curved edges to look just as good as the straight edges and this system complements straight-line edgebanders very well.”

So how does the Rover A Edge guarantee a perfect match between edges that have been applied using a straightline edgebander and those it applies to the curved section? The answer is to be found in the full article here and the clue is that it's in a clever little aggregate. Also, read the full article to find out how to machine longer distances without having to stop and clean it, and find out how the on-board spraying station helps to clean the machine tools on the Rover A Edge.

To watch a demo on the Rover A Edge, please call 01327 300366.

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Quality on the Corners: Photo 3
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