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Loyal to Biesse

After 25 years of loyalty to the brand and more than 20 machines purchased, The Kitchen Works has added a new Rover B FT HD cell to its Biesse-equipped factory.

The Kitchen Works North East Ltd in Gateshead has a factory of about 30,000 square feet and primarily manufacture and supplies rigid kitchens for the trade.

Graeme Latimer, one of the directors says “We’re equipped entirely with Biesse machinery. I’ve used Biesse machinery for 25 years. I haven’t got another manufacturer in the factory, only Biesse and we must have had 20 or more machines from them since we started. That’s because of the service, the quality and the back-up. We’ve always found them to be the best company to deal with and when something’s that good, you don’t change it!".

I can’t recommend Biesse highly enough. We’ve always found Biesse great to work with and they deliver a good service.
Graeme Latimer Director, The Kitchen Works

Graeme continued on saying "What prompted us to look at nesting after years of working conventionally was the speed and the edge accuracy you get from a CNC. When you’re using a beam saw, if the board cups during processing you don’t get an absolutely square edge and that’s something you really need to produce a quality product. We wanted that accuracy of cut. With the nester, we get a perfectly square cut, which makes all the difference when it comes to assembling a cabinet. There’s no squaring to be done after cutting. Everything is right when it comes off.

We were also looking for speed. It had to be either the same speed as the beam saw, or quicker – preferably quicker. We looked carefully at the times and did a few time studies. Having the nesting cell has increased the volume of panels we’re producing quite a bit.”

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