Automaction is the Biesse concept that represents the practicality of the new technological innovations developed by the company to create new business models based on automated, interconnected production.
SOPHIA platform: greater values from machines.
Discover the technological solutions for window and door frames and the wood construction sector, and for smoothing of solid wood floors.

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A comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for joiners and large furniture, windows, doors and timber building components manufacturers.

Exhibitions and Events
11 October - 5 November 2021
Pesaro + Online
27th to 29th September 2021
Hannover, Germany
05/07/21- 09/07/21
Daventry, UK
May 10-28, 2021
Pesaro + Online
By alleviating the arduous maintenance procedures associated with both EVA and PUR pre-melters, Biesse has conceived a game-changing Hybrid pre-melter that allows furniture manufacturers to switch effortlessly between EVA and PUR adhesives as well as cartridges and granules.
IT70 End Trim Saw unit - Available on: AKRON 1400 edgebanding series upwards
Drilling panels before you edgeband? Guarantee quality and consistency with Biesse’s Pro-Nesting solution. Biesse’s Pro Nesting feature is now available as an option on every machine in its range, giving entry level users access to this tried and tested solution for edge-banding pre-drilled panels without any issues or inconsistencies Available on: AKRON 1100 series upwards
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A new way of discovering Biesse Group.

A new way to discover the company, the thought of the driver, the technological innovation that gives prestige, the testimonies of those who choose to grow, the events that animate it and the stories of those who make it every day with competence and dedication.
A new way of discovering Biesse Group.
A new way of discovering Biesse Group.
Innovation with value.
Innovation with value.
Business meets ethics and people in the first Biesse Group Sustainability Report.
Join our team.
Join our team.
4,000 employees worldwide are our Human Capital. Skilled professionals and young people with great potential translating tomorrow's ideas into today's innovations.
A multinational company founded in Pesaro by Giancarlo Selci in 1969.
Specialist in technologies for glass, stone and metal processing.
Diamond tools for glass, stone and ceramic materials processing.
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