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Free CNC Upgrade Offers

Improve efficiency and quality with these two free upgrades, one each available on compatible new Flat Table and Pod & Rail CNC machine orders.

Discover our FREE CNC upgrade promotion - Available in April & May 2024*


Pod & Rail CNCs ¦ FREE Automation Upgrade*

On any new compatible machine order, get a free upgrade from the manual pod & rail Set-Up Assist system to our automated FPS (Feedback Positioning System).

The FPS system automatically moves rails & pods into position for each job, removing the need for manual placement. If necessary, pods can be moved manually with their positioning information then fed back to the controller.

Due to a specialised sensor within the FPS system, the CNC always knows where each pod and rail is, removing the need to recalibrate, saving valuable machine setup time. The entire working area can be automatically and accurately configured in just 20 seconds.

- Decrease set-up times to reduce downtime between jobs 

- Increase positioning accuracy 

- Reduced risk of collision 

Click to see FPS in action. FPS is the automatic table setup system that provides a faster and safer setup of the machine worktable, avoiding operator error.

Contact us HERE to find out more.


Flat Table CNCs ¦ FREE Tracker Jet Dust Mitigation Upgrade*

Get our patented Tracker Jet dust mitigation solution that increases efficiency and creates a cleaner working environment as a Free upgrade on any new compatible machine order.

A set of high pressure nozzles are mounted to the rotating C axis, allowing them to follow the cut line, counteracting high velocity dust particles escaping the extraction system and dislodging any dust that has settled in the cutting channel.

- Significant reduction of dust in the working environment 

- Reduced cleaning for faster job turnaround 

- Longer tool life and improved finish quality 

Click to see the T-Jet in action. T-Jet removes chips and dust during processing. Utilising the C-axis, T-Jet follows the tool to clean the cut line and side surfaces.

Contact us HERE to find out more or to book a demo and see Tracker Jet in our Daventry Tech Centre.


Low Cost Of Ownership ¦ Save Tax On Your Investment

Using the UK Government's new 'Full Expensing' scheme, for every pound a company invests, taxes are cut by up to 25p.

Finance options available.

*This offer applies to compatible new machine orders for customers in England, Scotland and Wales. Offer ends May 31st 2024.

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