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CNC processing centre

The machine for complex machining operations.
Rover C FT is the new stand-alone machining centre which has been designed not only for nesting, but also the processing of thick panels, mixed and complex production runs as well as machining of aluminium and other technological materials.
CNC Nesting Machines ROVER C FT: Photo 2
Infinite possibilities for machining operations
The new Rover C FT technology allows users to machine complex-shaped and extra-thick panels, guaranteeing quality, precision and absolute reliability over time.
Maximum working precision maintained over time
Integral one-piece closed loop ring structure base. The extremely robust, rigid design, which offers exceptional performance, was created specifically to ensure max¬imum processing quality, stability and precision when machining
CNC Nesting Machines ROVER C FT: Photo 3
Cycle-time reductionfor high productivity
Zero tool change set-up time thanks to new tool change solutions that make over 100 tools always available on the machine.
CNC Nesting Machines ROVER C FT: Photo 4
Double tool magazine

Double tool magazine on the X tool car­riage with 44-66 positions which guar­antee quick tool change and reduced machining times. It can accommodate a saw blade with a diameter of up to 400mm.

CNC Nesting Machines ROVER C FT: Photo 5
Vertical chain tool magazine

Vertical chain tool magazine on Y axis with 10-15 positions.

CNC Nesting Machines ROVER C FT: Photo 6
Independent Y axis

Independent Y axis allows tool chang­es whilst the machine is running, using the largest possible number of tools available in the magazine. The vertical chain shuttle in the magazine allows for rapid tool changes.

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