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Nigel Elmes, UK Tech Centre Manager at Biesse, talks about the changing role of the Tech Centre in Daventry and how it’s facilitating far reaching developments for Biesse customers.

The reason Biesse UK doesn't refer to its Tech Centre as a showroom is because, far from just being a sterile environment where wood and panel processing specialists like you can view an ever-changing collection of technologies, the Tech Centre in Daventry is a fully functioning production environment where you cannot only view, but also try out machines, solve production issues and even experiment with new ways of manufacturing.
Nigel Elmes is Biesse UK's Tech Centre Manager. He's a very approachable chap, very knowledgeable, straight talking and no stranger to blue sky thinking. It's his job to run the facility, make sure all the machines are fully serviced, demonstrate machines and come up with solutions to production problems.
For in-house events, we work closely with the commercial team to help get the message across. It might be a sanding show, a cutting show, or a general Open House event.
Nigel Elmes UK Tech Centre Manager - Biesse
“The machine range that we have is constantly evolving and improving,” says Nigel. “Whenever we get a new function or a new feature, we quite often put it in the Tech Centre. For example, our AirForce system was first shown here in the UK."

One of the key roles of the Tech Centre is proving solutions to customers. A customer might be looking for a machine and they want to make something in a particular way.
It’s not just about the machine, or about showcasing the latest technologies, it’s about how they are going to make that on our machine.
Nigel UK Tech Centre Manager - Biesse
"As part of the Tech Centre, Biesse UK also has a dedicated software training facility that includes a training suite and presentation area. Each new CNC machine sold includes 2 seats on a software training course and customers can also book additional seats for new employees."

If you are interested in visiting the UK Tech Centre for a demo, please call Nigel on 01327 300366.

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