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Rover AS FT

Cnc machining centre

Rover AS FT is the machining centre for Nesting operations designed for the customer who wants to invest in the growth of their business and the evolution of the production process, obtaining high performance and productivity. Rover AS FT boasts an unbeatable balance of quality and market competitiveness, making it the perfect investment.
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Biesse’s machining centres for nesting and carving operations allow to achieve a finished produced machined on a single, compact machine at a competitive price. The robust and well-balanced structure of the machine is ideally suited for withstanding greater processing stresses without compromising the quality of the piece and for ensuring the best finish on different types of materials.
Work tables, unique on the market.
All Biesse FT tables can use the multizone technology that concentrates the vacuum in the locking areas corresponding to the format of the most commonly loaded panel.
CNC Nesting Machines Rover AS FT: Photo 3
Integrable with Winstore automatic storage
Winstore is an automated storage for the optimised management of panels. It ensures that the panels to be machined are easily accessible at all times, so it is possible to substantially increase cell productivity
CNC Nesting Machines Rover AS FT: Photo 4
Specific solutions for managing porous and thin materials
The new system for the detachment and automatic alignment allows the management of porous, thin up to 3mm thickness and glued panels.
CNC Nesting Machines Rover AS FT: Photo 5
Reduced cleaning times, to ensure maximum productivity
Suction hood with 12 programmable positions and the use of a continuous cover for optimum suction capacity
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