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Kenar Bantlama Makineleri AKRON 1300: Fotoğraf 1
AKRON 1300

Otomatik tek taraflı kenar bantlama makineleri

Mütevazı yatırım yüksek teknoloji çeşitliliği
Akron 1300, kısıtlı bir alanda, kullanıcı dostu, özelleştirilmiş üretim ve esnek çözümler arayan zanaatkarlar ve şirketler için özel tasarlanan tek taraflı otomatik kenar bantlama makinesi serisidir.
No joints and no glue line, in perfect harmony with the panel. Air Force System, available on Biesse edgebanding machines, is based on the physical principle of convection. By using a compressed hot air system, the edge bonds perfectly with the panel guaranteeing resistance to water and heat and an excellent long lasting quality finish.
Reliability and cutting accuracy, due to the End Trimmer that removes excess edge at the front and rear of the panel. The Flex system, which is standard on the end trim automatically adjusts the excess edge whether the corner rounding unit is or is not being used.
Kenar Bantlama Makineleri AKRON 1300: Fotoğraf 2
The multipurpose Corner rounding tool with two motors is used to apply radiusing not only on the front and rear edges but also on the upper and lower parts of the panel.
Kenar Bantlama Makineleri AKRON 1300: Fotoğraf 3

Biesse AKRON 1300 - Single Sided Edgebander

Akron 1300 is a range of automatic single-sided edgebanding machines purposely created for craftsmen and companies looking for user-friendly, customised production, flexible solutions in a limited space.

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