OPERA 7: Fotoğraf 1
Piyasadaki en gelişmiş ve yüksek performansa sahip zımpara merkezi
Opera 7, yüksek verimliliğe sahip otomatik üretim sistemleri kullanarak gerçekleştirilen işlemler kullanan büyük işletmeler için tasarlanmış bitirme makinesidir ve sabit kalite performansı sağlar.
Perfect surfaces
The High Performance technology for electronic Pad and rollers of Viet sanding machines maintains the same sanding pressure, adapting to different surface thicknesses. At the same time, it applies a constant abrasive action to ensure optimum surface flatness.
Unit with vertical win brushes
Exceptional finish quality
The unit with vertical win brushes is a vertical rotating brush sanding system. The unit enables customers to sand via a brushing action the profiles and side surfaces, ensuring an even finish. Individual units, equipped with large cross-section brushes (300 or 400 mm), can be adjusted independently as far as side position, angle (-10° +35°) and height.
OPERA 7: Fotoğraf 2
Sanding centre for sanding high-gloss panels
Finish and flatness reach optimal quality levels, delivering a perfect end product to the customer for subsequent finishing and polishing thanks to the option of combining working units such as the Superfinishing Pad and cross units equipped with HP and HP DUO technology.
OPERA 7: Fotoğraf 3
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