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Küçültülmüş çalışma boyutları ve maksimum performans
Selco WNA 6, mobilya ve yarı mamül ürün sanayilerinin gereksinimlerini karşılayacak iki adet tam bağımsız kesim hattı ve otomatik yükleme sistemi sunan kesim sistemi serisidir. Selco WNA 6, üretim süreçlerini otomatikleştirmek isteyen küçük ve orta ölçekli işletmeler için ideal olan inovatif bir çözümdür.
Significant reduction of processing times thanks to the possibility of combining the grippers with any type of cutting patterns in a single cycle. Device for simultaneous execution of staggered cross cuts, made with two completely separate pushers. Each pusher can choose to select two idle slave grippers (not powered) completely independently, based on the strips width to be cut. This enables the processing of panels up to 4500 x 2200 mm.
Machining operation precision
The sturdy pushing carriage positions the panels quickly and accurately, thanks to its brushless motor. The slide surface below the pushing device is fitted with independent rollers to avoid marking delicate surfaced panels.
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Maximum productive efficiency
The two cutting stations can execute cutting patterns completely independently, thanks to the presence of an intermediate zone that can accommodate a whole panel. Both areas are fully covered in independent rollers to preserve the panels’ surface.
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See Biesse SELCO WNAR angular panel sizing centre in action. This machine is one of the most productive panel sizing centres on the market and allow to get your production done in no time. The angular system boosts the machine productivity and in conjunction with the multi pusher system which performs staggered cuts of panels with different sizes can reach an unprecedented panel output ratio. Once the stack of boards is loaded, the machine is completely automatic leaving the operator the only task to offload the panels.

Biesse SELCO WNA6 - R3 System

Biesse Selco WNA6 Series with R3 System is the revolutionary solution Made in Biesse to increase productivity and dramatically reduce operators errors. A Routing unit on the rip frame for automatic execution of third phase cuts avoids manual operator intervention increasing the overall plant productivity.

Ahşap İçin Panel Ebatlama Makineleri SELCO WNA 6: Fotoğraf 6

Biesse pragmatic solutions for automated and interconnected production.

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