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Sturdiness and functionality
S1 is the calibrating and sanding solution that combines high performance standards with reduced working dimensions, at a very competitive price. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, the S1 ensures maximum reliability and precision, derived from the experience gleaned from higher-end machines.
High-technology to enhance machine performance
The sectioned electronic pad enables users to perform high-quality sanding operations thanks to the electro-pneumatic sectors that are only actioned on the panel's surface. The vast range of possible adjustments offers specific functionalities for different types of processing operations. The electronic pad equipped with HP (High Performance) technology enhances processing results, both as far as surface flatness and finish are concerned.
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Can be customised in accordance with customer requirements
The Roller unit is extremely precise and effective. Depending on the hardness of the rubber used and the roller's cross-section, the unit can be used to calibrate, sand or finish.
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Can be customised in accordance with customer requirements

Belt tensioning

The large tensioning roller allows for perfect belt translations in all working conditions.

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Can be customised in accordance with customer requirements

Braking system

Viet uses disc brakes with floating callipers for every engine installed.
This motorcycle-derived system guarantees speed and safety.

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