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Wide belt sanders

The range of wide belt sanders and calibrating machines for wood, designed for artisan producers and companies looking for simplicity, flexibility, precision and consistent quality.

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Sanding and calibrating machines


The calibrating and sanding solution that combines high performance standards with reduced working dimensions, at a very competitive price

Sanding and calibrating machines


The new finishing center designed to satisfy the needs of medium to large-sized enterprises that require versatility and a high technology content.

Sanding and calibrating machines


A finishing centre designed for large enterprises that enables processing operations to be performed using high-productivity automatic production systems, ensuring constant performance quality.

Sanding and calibrating machines


The robotic sanding machine that is unique, offering levels of machinability, precision and quality never before obtained with the technology of this sector.

Sanding and calibrating machines


The finishing centre designed for big industry, and allows for the machining of long, narrow pieces (skirting, wood flooring, strips, frames, building beams, windows).
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