Material Handling Systems

Material handling systems, loading and unloading systems, and automatic warehousing for the timber construction and furniture industries that reduce cost and time scales while guaranteeing increased effeciency.

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This material handling system is ideal for rail boring-insertion lines. Seamlessly integrates with a CNC for the machining of doors with waste and strip management.
The automated material handling magazine for the optimized management of panels for large contract manufacturers, which guarantees production with reduced times and costs.
The material handling loading system that's fully integrated with single-sided edgebanding machines for the automatic management of panels waiting to be edgebanded.
Winner W1 is the range of panel loading and unloading systems for high-performance, automated lines that are particularly suited to square-edgebanding and boring lines. Flexible confiurations that can be customised depending on the customer logistic setup.
Lifter, gripper unloading system for high-productivity angular cutting systems. Integrated software management for the perfect synchronization between cutting scheme and unloading configuration.
Turner PT
Turner PT panel turners are ideal for high-productivity square-edging lines. 90° rotation achieved using two padded, motorized inverter-controlled cones.
Winner W3
This material handling system allows for the loading and uploading panels in lines with high machining flexibility to manage project stacks.
Winner W2 is the material handling solution for medium-high performance loading and unloading lines, where high handling speed and security of panel detachment are the pre-requisites for loading continuity. Ideal for flexible boring processes, where required productivity is of 22-26 panels per minute.
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