Wide Belt Sanders OPERA R: Photo 1
Robotic Sanding Solution
Opera R is the robotic sanding machine that is unique, offering levels of precision and quality never before obtained with the technology of this sector.
Automating manual operations
Viet has always focused on technological development, offering the sensitivity and flexibility of skilled and complex machining operations with automated solutions, which eliminate the risk of human error, reduce production costs and increase efficiency.
Machining without limits
Freedom to machine the panel ‘with the grain’, in any orientation, increasing the number of contact points to produce ultra- high quality surface finishes.
Wide Belt Sanders OPERA R: Photo 2
Optimum cleaning of the panel and the work environment
The Dust Free system removes all dust during the machining operation itself. It's a device housed in the robotic unit and designed to improve the quality of the finish and the work environment.
Wide Belt Sanders OPERA R: Photo 3
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