Cnc Routers

CNC router machines for wood nested based manufacturing, available in a variety of sizes and configurations with 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis capabilities, designed for heavy duty work and high quality finish.

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CNC Routers


Biesse's entry level CNC router with a 4x8 table and gantry structure. Designed for companies in search of a compact router to machine panels made from wood and its derivatives.

CNC Routers


Biesse's new high-performance CNC router table for nesting operations. Created for companies looking for a compact yet efficient router that offers top-of-the-range technology and guarantees optimum precision in every machining operation

CNC Routers


The Rover B FT machining center for nesting raises the quality and productivity standards in this sector. Thanks to its structure and the variety of possible configurations, it can keep abreast of the work rhythm of medium and large companies for the production of pieces for every type of application.

CNC Routers


ROVER B FT HD is the new high performance router table dedicated to nesting operations. Designed for high speeds and optimum accelerations, it takes its position as the most productive machine on the market.

CNC Routers

Rover C FT

The new stand alone 5 axis and 4 axis CNC Router has been designed not only for wood nesting, but also for processing thick panels, mixed and complex production runs, as well as machining aluminium and other technological materials.

CNC Routers

Rover AS FT

Rover AS FT is the CNC router for nesting operations designed for the customer who wants to invest in the growth of their business and the evolution of the production process, obtaining high performance and productivity.
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