Cnc Routers

CNC router machines for wood nested based manufacturing, available in a variety of sizes and configurations with 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis capabilities, designed for heavy duty work and high quality finish.
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Biesse's entry level Rover K CNC Router for machining wood, comes with a 4x8 table and gantry structure. This high quality, robust router is the most compact machine on the market for machining wood panels.
This 3 axis and 4 axis gantry CNC Router is designed for Nesting wood and wood based materials but also advanced materials like plastics and non ferrous metals.
The new 5-axis CNC Router for nested based manufacturing, delivering top-of-the-line technology at a competitive price point
The new version of the Rover B FT CNC Router for nesting has become the new point of reference in the market for the production of small doors, furniture and furnishings, frames for living room furniture and also technological materials such as honey-comb structures, plexiglass, methacrylate, and sheets in plastic and alucobond.
Rover C FT
The new stand alone 5 axis and 4 axis CNC Router which has been designed not only for nesting, but also for processing thick panels, mixed and complex production runs as well as machining aluminium and other technological materials.
The ultimate in this product category in terms of reliability and flexibility for machining more challenging components, from solid wood to nesting panels, from small doors to items of furniture, frames for sofas, composite materials and light alloys
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