Biesse Fall Inside

October 19- 20, 2023

Join us at Biesse’s Charlotte Technology Center to experience extraordinary innovations for manufacturing wood, glass, stone, plastics and composite materials.

We will have a full showroom of machines ready for you to test solutions, exchange ideas and demonstrate how our technology can simplify your production process.

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Edgebanding Machines

AKRON 1400

A range of single-sided edgebanding machines for the application of edging in either rolls or strips

Edgebanding Machines


The new range of automated single-sided edgebanding machines aimed at medium size companies who wish to increase their production capacity

Edgebanding Machines

Stream Edge Pro

Stream Edge Pro is the ideal flexible single-sided squaring and edgebanding machine for small batches that can be integrated into automatic production lines. It guarantees increased productivity, squareness and finished panels of different shapes and sizes. Designed to minimize factory floor footprint, costs and impact, it allows users to perform Batch-one operations both simply and effectively.

Wide Belt Sanders


This wide belt sanding machine for wood offers superior levels of performance for a modest investment

Wide Belt Sanders


Opera 5 is the modular finishing centre that can be used in any type of application; it represents the ultimate expression of configurability

Wide Belt Sanders


A finishing center designed for large enterprises that enables processing operations to be performed using high-productivity automatic production systems, ensuring consistent performance quality.

Wide Belt Sanders


This woodworking wide belt sanding machine is unique, offering levels of machinability, precision and quality never before obtained with the technology of this sector.

Cnc drilling and milling machine


The new compact and versatile vertical boring machine with a reduced footprint, for machining panels of different thickness and sizes.

CNC Woodworking Machines


Rover A is the new CNC machine offering top performance and flexibility. It’s designed for the customer who wants to invest in a product that can process any type of element quickly and economically

CNC Woodworking Machines

Rover AS FT

Rover AS FT is the CNC router for nesting operations designed for the customer who wants to invest in the growth of their business and the evolution of the production process, obtaining high performance and productivity.
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