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CNC processing center

Powerful and compact.
Rover K Smart is a numerical control router machining center for artisan and small to medium sized businesses looking for simple solutions at affordable prices.
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Long term quality and reliability.
The double X-axis motorization supports high speeds and accelerations while ensuring high quality finish and precision.
Technology you don't want to miss

The Smart range for Rover has been created to meet the needs of customers looking for high performance with a limited investment. With high-level, quality components and prismatic linear guides, the work surfaces on these machines can be configured with a variety of working units and are the ideal fit for manufacturers requiring a Y 1500 mm working field and powerful 13 kW electrospindle. These features make Rover Smart machines some of the most compelling and unique solutions in their category, guaranteeing reliability and safety, with CE compliance as standard. Rover K Smart is a competitive solution for machining large panels.

Easy tooling and optimal panel hold
The Biesse work table guarantees optimum hold on the workpiece as well as quick tooling. The innovative ATS work table boasts a universal design for superb flexibility and easy configuration.
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Maximum operator safety
The fully-enclosed working units with perspex window ensures total safety and maximum visibility. Pressure-sensitive floor mats for active safety: the machine continues to work consistently at maximum speed, even when the operator is present.
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