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Machines and labour: in Spain, Soldevila has been transforming wood for the past 100 years, creating unique items ready to be admired. Just like the vestry of the Sagrada Familia - a masterpiece of genius, art and precision.

Cliente: Soldevila
CIUDAD: Aiguafreda, Barcelona
País: España
Product: ROVER C

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The majestic Catholic basilica, masterpiece of architect Antoni Gaudí who was a leading exponent of Catalan modernism, has become the artistic icon of Barcelona. It’s a must-see for over 3 million tourists who, despite the never-ending worksite that blocks the overall view, are left spellbound by its grandeur. «As a matter of fact, we’d been wanting to make our own contribution to the Sagrada Familia for a long time - says Jordi -. They called us because they were looking for a company able to create a very complex decoration, with sections and profiles that are hard to automate in a processing centre. And it was lucky for them that we had the 3D technology and expert technicians to design such a complex element and then automate and produce it». A challenge that Biesse was able to meet, supplying a processing centre fitted with suction cups: a decisive solution for transforming the basilica into a success, «because it allowed us to automate enormous and highly complex elements of its geometry. And, what’s more, Biesse has a branch in Spain so technicians are on hand to offer an excellent local service. That’s very important for a workshop like ours».

This particular commission was a fascinating but onerous challenge for Soldevila, not least because it wasn’t only a question of wood. «We had to combine the glass part with the wood part, and a company that works with Intermac machines helped us with this aspect. And so the staff at the Sagrada Familia understood we were able to handle both wood and glass at the same time. That’s why they decided to work with us». Technical know-how and technological skills went hand-in-hand, guided by computerised calculations and simulations perfected to the last millimetre. It’s the power of the software, in Jordi’s opinion: «Without that, it’s practically impossible to produce works like this church. Software allows you to give a shape and drawing to elements that are difficult even to imagine and, obviously, impossible for a worker to automate in front of his machine. And minimising the errors at the same time». The result is genuine perfection, bringing together the warmth of wood and the captivating heritage that history hands down to us.

Biesse has a branch in Spain so technicians are on hand to offer an excellent local service. That’s very important for a workshop like ours.
Jordi Soldevila Managing director
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