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Biesse's expertise at the service of cutting-edge air conditioning systems.

Autoclima is a leader in the air conditioning sector. The company's keys to success are extremely high quality, artisan care, passion and innovation.

Customer: Autoclima
City: Turin
Country: Italy

Founded in 1963 and guided by foresight and entrepreneurship, Autoclima gradually made a name for itself as a top player in the automotive air conditioning sector. The company, always ahead of the curve in interpreting market demand, has made important changes to production over the years, transitioning from the assembly of air-conditioners for cars to the production of air-conditioning systems for niche vehicles such as ambulances, transport refrigerators, aircraft, military vehicles, metros, trains and buses. At a glance the company counts 120 employees and 35 million euro in revenue, with nearly 50% of its products exported to 65 countries. 

Autoclima is a well-rounded company that skilfully responds to market demand through careful study, research and analysis. It is a multifaceted company that sees the many needs of its customers and knows how to determine which products will suit them best. 

Autoclima: Photo 1

The company manufactures air conditioners for trucks, vans, buses, special vehicles (ambulances, armoured vehicles for cash transport), agricultural vehicles and earthmoving machines, trains, metros, military vehicles and aircraft.

The thermoforming and finishing of plastic components is achieved by relying on the flexibility and versatility of Biesse technology.

We purchased a thermoformer, Terma, and a 5-axis CNC machining centre, Materia CL: which allowed us to bring thermoforming and finishing activities back into the company, with significant benefits”, stated Giorgio Moffa, Autoclima CEO.

The collaborative experience with Biesse was great, since we had to start from scratch; I would naturally recommend Biesse to others. We always compared notes in the true spirit of collaboration, and we are completely satisfied with our choice both of the company and of its products."

I surely recommend Biesse, with which I found myself very well and today we are extremely satisfied with the choice, both companies and machines.
Giorgio Moffa Autoclima CEO
Giorgio Moffa
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