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A range of products for the machining of plastics, composites and thermoformed materials. The range includes panel saws, machining centres, waterjet cutting systems, sanders and thermoformers.
Exhibitions and Events
June 1 - June 7 2022
Bengaluru Campus
3-5 May 2022
Paris, France
April 28, 2022
11 October - 5 November 2021
Pesaro + Online
Biesse India features in “The Extraordinaire - Change Makers 2022”
Woodworking drill machines involve the technique of drilling round holes in a stationary workpiece using a revolving cutting tool. Typically is used by panel furniture or custom furniture producers.
Creating something out of wood is a work of art. Edge banding plays an essential role in woodworking as it smoothes the raw edges of wood that could be a serious problem in your end product.
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Action Giromari
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Action Giromari
Biesse technology and creativity by Action Giromari
Digital Arena, the on-demand video service dedicated to Biesse Group innovation.
Enter Digital Arena, the free video platform that offers a variety of webinars, demonstrations and more on Biesse, Intermac and Diamut technologies.

A new way of discovering Biesse Group

A new way to discover the company, the thought of the driver, the technological innovation that gives prestige, the testimonies of those who choose to grow, the events that animate it and the stories of those who make it every day with competence and dedication.
A new way of discovering Biesse Group
A new way of discovering Biesse Group
Join our team.
Join our team.
4,000 employees worldwide are our Human Capital. Skilled professionals and young people with great potential translating tomorrow's ideas into today's innovations.
Innovation with value.
Innovation with value.
Business meets ethics and people in the first Biesse Group Sustainability Report.
A multinational company founded in Pesaro by Giancarlo Selci in 1969.
Specialist in technologies for glass, stone and metal processing.
Diamond tools for glass, stone and ceramic materials processing.
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