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About us
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About us
Biesse is the Group's business unit specialising in the woodworking and advanced materials' segment.
Biesse’s cutting-edge technology meets the needs of operators who process plastic and composite materials with a full range of machining centres, beamsaws, water-jet cutting systems and sanders for machining operations of advanced materials.
Distinctive technology
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Distinctive technology
Striving for continuous improvement means investing on all elements that support innovation on an ongoing basis. We innovate in order to achieve process, product and service excellence.

Biesse's key distinctive technology solutions include:

  • 5-axis operating unit with HSD electrospindle that supports the processing of components with complex geometries
  • Air Force System, the panel edgebanding device that guarantees an unparalleled finish quality
  • Twin Pusher, a patent exclusive to all Biesse beamsaws that enables optimal management of manufacturing peaks
  • the bSuite software package, that enables operators without specific IT skills to get the best from the Group's machines
  • SOPHIA, the Biesse IoT platform which enables customers to access an extensive range of services to streamline and rationalise their work management processes.
Control and rigour
Control and rigour
Each machine undergoes on average 160 checks during the assembly stage in order to simulate the most challenging working conditions, and is also subject to a rigorous final proof test.

Each base has a tolerance of 2 hundredths of millimetre per linear meter. In this way, apart from guaranteeing the quality of carpentry, it is possible to eliminate the need for any remedial work during the assembly phase, which would inevitably delay the machine's delivery.

Events and on demand demos
Events and on demand demos
18,000 m2 of showrooms worldwide to get to know Biesse first-hand and test the potential of Biesse and Intermac machines.

7,000 demos per year and a team of specialised technicians provide customers the possibility of testing the machines based on their production needs and of using the raw materials that will actually be employed in their manufacturing processes.

Headquarters, branches and dealers hold over 30 "Made in Biesse" events every year. Open-door days for a selected audience, with demonstrations dedicated to specific technologies, in-depth classroom presentations and visits to production systems and plants.

Ongoing integration
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Ongoing integration
The implementation of effective knowledge-sharing and technical/sales support, combined with a continuous training process, has enabled us to consolidate our partnership over the years with what is nowadays recognised as the best distribution network in the wood machinery sector.
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Biesse operates throughout Italy, coordinated by its head office in Pesaro, in synergy with branches in Triveneto and Brianza.

Biesse's headquarters are in Pesaro, where the company was founded. The Triveneto and Brianza districts are covered by the Codognè and Seregno operational offices, with our sales teams and technicians always in the field, to respond effectively to every need of partners and customers.

Our authorised agents and dealers are available throughout Italy to offer the Biesse technological solution you are looking for.

Skills always at your service in every part of Italy.

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