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A range of products for the machining of plastics, composites and thermoformed materials. The range includes panel saws, machining centres, waterjet cutting systems, sanders and thermoformers.
Exhibitions and Events
9-27 October 2023 - Pesaro, Italy
9-10 November 2023 - Pesaro, Italy
From 15 to 19 May 2023 LIGNA, the global woodworking technology event, is back and Biesse is present with a new look that expresses the company’s evolutionary journey.
From 25 to 27 April, Biesse will be taking part in Jec World, the annual event dedicated to composite materials and their various applications.
Today is the last day of Inside, the unmissable event allowing customers first-hand contact with Biesse technology, and held in Pesaro from 10 to 21 October.
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Action Giromari
Case Histories
Action Giromari
Biesse technology and creativity by Action Giromari
Digital Arena, the on-demand video service dedicated to Biesse innovation.
Enter Digital Arena, the free video platform that offers a variety of webinars, demonstrations, technologies and more.

A new way of discovering Biesse.

A new way to discover the company, the thought of the driver, the technological innovation that gives prestige, the testimonies of those who choose to grow, the events that animate it and the stories of those who make it every day with competence and dedication.
A new way of discovering Biesse.
A new way of discovering Biesse.
Join our team.
Join our team.
4,200 employees worldwide are our Human Capital. Skilled professionals and young people with great potential translating tomorrow's ideas into today's innovations.
Innovation with value.
Innovation with value.
Business meets ethics and people in the first Biesse Sustainability Report.
A multinational company founded in Pesaro by Giancarlo Selci in 1969.
Specialist in technologies for glass, stone and metal processing.
Diamond tools for glass, stone and ceramic materials processing.
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