Biesse and Bacci Automation at LIGNA

Biesse and Bacci Automation at LIGNA: a partnership to strengthen the understanding between man and robot

Man and robot: an alliance guided by an understanding, capable of setting the stage for the factory of tomorrow starting today, a revolution that was already started by the Industry 4.0 and now evolves for the better.

LIGNA, the biennial event taking place in Hanover from 27th to 31st May 2019, is the leading world trade fair given over to the machines, systems and tools for machining wood and, for the players of this sector, is the most important meeting place for sharing opportunities linked to robotisation and the advantages presented by the latest technological innovations.

Thanks to its partnership with Bacci Automation, Biesse confirms and further strengthens the bond between man, machine and robot, not only presenting the largest number of solutions using robots on its stand, but also by demonstrating how people can benefit from using these technologies, validating their work, making production more efficient and also increasing operating safety. The use of robotic systems in factories guarantees maximum production efficiency and helps simplify processes whilst rendering them more consistent.

In Hall 11, integrated lines and robotic cells constantly redesign the way we will produce in the future, with economically standardised solutions that can also be used by small and medium-sized companies; the advantages of these solutions can be seen right away, applied to increasingly advanced technologies than remain incredibly user-friendly, courtesy of the critical contribution of simple programming systems and cutting-edge post-installation services.
Biesse has chosen Bacci Automation as a key partner to expand its portfolio of robotic solutions, automating all production processes on the basis of a fully interconnected approach to production.

Robotic systems control, simplify and optimise production: In Hall 11, Biesse presents its robot-operated technologies under a new acronym, ROS (which stands for Robotically Operated System), dedicated to handling panels in a way that enables maximum versatility and efficiency to be achieved, facilitating the work of the operator with the machine and lending higher added value to the operations performed. These robotically-operated solutions ensure a marked increase in production and total reliability of the production process across all repetitive operations, even in the wider context of industrial automation.

Mauro Pede Biesse Systems Sales Director

On the Biesse stand in Hall 11, the ROS robotised solutions will back up the Selco WN6 flexible panel saw integrated with the Winstore K1 automatic magazine and the Brema Eko 2.2 borer. The Brema Eko 2.1 borer with ROS will be installed on the Bacci Automation stand (Stand H45) in Hall 27. The Biesse and Bacci Automation technical and sales staff present at the Biesse stand will be placing their expertise at the disposal of visitors, providing concrete answers and detailed information about the technologies in the range.

"This partnership enables us to offer a complete range of robotic solutions, allowing Biesse Systems to become an important point of reference for all those customers who must provide a response to a market that is evolving constantly, and in which production efficiency is a competitive and necessary driver. As such, Biesse Systems is expanding its ability to provide integrated solutions to its customers across the entire production process, for small, medium and large companies", explains Mauro Pede, Biesse Systems Sales Director.

“Along with Biesse, we've developed a number of automated solutions based on specific needs. "The potential of robotised systems is such, however, that even now we can imagine a virtually endless range of applications and interactions", confirms Enrico Ferretti, the engineer in charge of production at Bacci Automation.

Biesse and Bacci Automation at LIGNA 2019: HALL 11 and Hall 27, Stand H45 - the collaboration between man and robot brings the future closer.

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