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Biesse confirms its leadership position on the international market at Xylexpo 2018.
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Euro of incoming orders
We stand by the side of our customers during every phase of their daily work, disseminating the culture of the digital and automated factory across the world of manufacturing.
Federico Broccoli Biesse Wood Division Director/Sales - Subsidiaries Division Director
We stand by the side of our customers during every phase of their daily work, disseminating the culture of the digital and automated factory across the world of manufacturing.
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Biesse presenta le nuove funzionalità dell’app IoT – SOPHIA che miglioreranno fortemente l’interazione personalizzata con il cliente in funzione della macchina e consentiranno una importante riduzione dei tempi di assistenza.  

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Processi integrati
The 3000 m2 Biesse stand at Xylexpo 2018 received visitors from all over the world, which underscores the event's international nature, European countries prevailed with some people from across the ocean being drawn by the great innovation that characterises the event. Meanwhile, Italy continues to see the fair as a key reference point for discovering what the market has to offer. Biesse noted a significant Italian presence at the stand, more than in the past, accounting for 38% of the total for incoming orders, evidence of the intense responsiveness of the Italian market.
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Technologies on display
Live the experience
I visitatori di Xylexpo potranno vivere l’esperienza dell’alta innovazione tecnologica che caratterizza Biesse e testare gli strumenti che permettono di ottenere più valore dalle macchine.

Even more values from machines

Companies of every sort showed great interest in the 4 automated solutions present on the stand, solutions capable of increasing efficiency and continuity in production, simplifying daily tasks. Along the same lines, the implementation of the SOPHIA service platform, presented at Xylexpo as a solution for the digitalised factory, caught the attention of the many journalists at the stand.

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Un nuovo riconoscimento per SOPHIA

Agli XIA - Xylexpo Innovation Awards di Xylexpo la piattaforma digitale IoT sviluppata in collaborazione con Accenture in Italia conquista il terzo posto nella sezione Lavorazione del pannello. Premiato inoltre l'aggregato per bordatura su centri di lavoro, "caratterizzato da grande flessibilità grazie all’utilizzo di un innovativo giunto magnetico" come ha decretato la giuria, che ne ha attribuito il secondo posto nella categoria Utensili.

Xylexpo: Photo 7
Xylexpo: Photo 8
MAKE / 06

Xylexpo follows the Rhythm!

Che sia digitale o quello della produzione: è Ritmo la parola chiave del nuovo numero di Make, il magazine di Biesse Group, uscito in occasione di Xylexpo 2018. Nello stand Biesse ha esordito anche il Make Wall, un'area personalizzata dove entrare in contatto con storie ed innovazioni. Come il progetto House Of Birds promosso da Action Giromari, le cui opere d'arte hanno catturato l'attenzione dei visitatori

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Xylexpo 2018 Photogallery
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Technologies on display

CNC Woodworking Machines


A simple yet efficient wood milling machine. This 5-axis CNC machine is used for producing any type of furnishing item.

CNC Woodworking Machines


This wood CNC machine is for the manufacturing of furniture, window, and door frames.

CNC Woodworking Machines


The new CNC Machine for woodworking. This wood CNC machine specializes in the manufacturing and milling of furniture, staircases, doors, and window components of any shape, size, and thickness with ease.

CNC Woodworking Machines


Edgebanding CNC machining centers from the Rover B Edge range allow users to carry out machining operations to shape and edgeband panels on a single machine.

CNC Woodworking Machines


Biesse's entry level CNC router with a 4x8 table and gantry structure. Designed for companies in search of a compact router to machine panels made from wood and its derivatives.

CNC Woodworking Machines


The new CNC machining center for the production of doors and windows, designed for artisans and small industries aiming to increase production and for medium and large industries who need to produce small batches of unusual size or remakes

CNC Woodworking Machines


Uniteam CK is the ideal machining center for processing small to very large post and beams, including 3-dimensional complex molding, granting high precision, consistency and flexibility.

CNC Woodworking Machines

ROVER A 12/15/18

The flexible new high-performance woodworking CNC machining center with a gantry structure, designed for customers who want to invest in a machining center that can process any type of element quickly along with a high quality finish. This wood CNC Machine boasts a quality-competitiveness ratio without equal on the market, making it the ideal investment.

Panel Saws


The range of horizontal beam and panel saws for businesses making their first investment to improve production and machining quality by moving from conventional manual machinery to numerically controlled technology with high precision machining and reliability.

Panel Saws


The result of a project developed with the latest technologies. This beam saw adopted revolutionary technical solutions that increase yield and overall machining quality.

Edgebanding Machines

JADE 200

A range of automatic single-sided edgebanding machines purposely created for craftsmen and companies looking for user-friendly, customized production and flexible solutions in a limited space

Edgebanding Machines

AKRON 1300

A range of automatic single-sided edgebanding machines purposely created for craftsmen and companies looking for a flexible solution that is user-friendly, and has the ability for customized production in a limited space

Edgebanding Machines

AKRON 1400

A range of single-sided edgebanding machines for the application of edging in either rolls or strips

Edgebanding Machines


The new range of automated single-sided edgebanding machines aimed at medium size companies who wish to increase their production capacity

Edgebanding Machines


The ideal flexible singlesided squaring and edgebanding machine for small batches that meets the need for total flexibility of medium to large companies

Wide Belt Sanders


The new wide belt sanding machine for wood designed to satisfy the needs of medium to large-sized enterprises that require versatility and a high technology content.

Wide Belt Sanders


A finishing center designed for large enterprises that enables processing operations to be performed using high-productivity automatic production systems, ensuring consistent performance quality.

Cnc drilling and milling machine


The compact and versatile vertical boring machine that supports the machining of different thickness and size formats within a reduced footprint.

Cnc drilling and milling machine


The new compact and versatile vertical boring machine with a reduced footprint, for machining panels of different thickness and sizes.

Cnc drilling and milling machine


The Brema Vektor range offers a wide choice of vertical boring and insertion machines to handle all production needs. Groundbreaking technologies for wood milling, boring, cutting and inserting hardware on panels of various sizes, without any special set-up.

Material Handling Systems


The automated material handling magazine for the optimized management of panels for large contract manufacturers, which guarantees production with reduced times and costs.
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Live the experience
Live the experience
Exhibitions and Events May 23, 2018
Biesse at Xylexpo 2018
Relive the exhibition.
Biesse at Xylexpo 2018: unstoppable growth
Exhibitions and Events May 16, 2018
Biesse at Xylexpo 2018: unstoppable growth
Biesse confirms its leadership position on the international market at Xylexpo 2018.
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@biesse May 12, 2018
The #HouseOfBirds project created and supported by @action_giromari is proudly hosted into the Make area in Hall 1! Two masterpieces by @aldocibic and @marcsadlerstudio are the great example of combination between Biesse #technology and italian #design! - #BiesseNow | #MadeWithBiesse - @xylexpo_2018_woodworking_fair #xylexpo #xylexpo2018 #cncmachining #advancedmaterials #cnc #italiangenius #thinkforward #cnclove #actiongiromari #roverplast #rover #hightechnology #wheredesignersmakenest #triennale #triennaledesignmuseum #triennalemilano #productdesign #architecture #architecturelovers #nestdesign #archilovers #designporn #designdaily #birdhouse
@biesse May 12, 2018
Creativity is a matter of technology: the #bSuite softwares helps you to give shape to your ideas. Discover it live into the #bLab area! - #BiesseNow | Hall 1 - - @xylexpo_2018_woodworking_fair #xylexpo #xylexpo2018 #exhibitions #instafair #woodworking #wood #woodworkinglove #woodwork #cnc #technology #software #instawood #woodmachinery #woodworkingmachines #woodtechnology #woodworkingmachinery #cncmachining #woodworkingheart #italiangenius #thinkforward #instamachining #hightechnology #tradeshow #instafair #tradefair
@biesse May 11, 2018
Automated production: on display Stream MDS edgebangind machine with Robot for unloading the processed panels and moving them on to the subsequent production processes. - #BiesseNow | Hall 1 | #Automaction - - @xylexpo_2018_woodworking_fair #xylexpo #xylexpo2018 #robots #robot #automation #robotization #biessesystems #exhibitions #instafair #woodworking #wood #woodworkinglove #woodwork #cnc #technology #instawood #woodmachinery #woodworkingmachines #woodtechnology #woodworkingmachinery #woodworkingheart #italiangenius #thinkforward #instamachining #hightechnology
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