ROVER A 14/16: Photo 1
ROVER A 14/16

NC processing center

A single processing center for all types of machining operations.
Rover A 14/16 is the NC processing center for the manufacturing of furniture and window/door frames.
Thanks to its comprehensive range of sizes and configurations, it is ideally suited to small and large joineries that need to manufacture either odd-sized products or standard products in small batches.
Machine customisation depending on different production requirements

4-axis configuration

A full configuration of the operating section supports different machining operations whilst ensuring high product quality.

5-axis configuration.s

The 5-axis , high-tech operating section supports the processing of complex- shaped pieces, ensuring quality and precision.

User-friendly technology
Reduced tool changeover time
The Biesse work table is guaranteed to hold the work piece securely in place and ensures quick and easy tool changeover. The machine can house up to 98 aggregates and tools.
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Ability to process large sizes
The open front cowl supports the loading of very-large sizes (up to 2,100 mm in y direction) onto the machine, thus enabling the pre-sectioning phase to be skipped or machining operations to be performed for non-standard productions. With Rover A, a manufacturer can accept orders for thicker panels thanks to the 245 mm working height.
ROVER A 14/16: Photo 3
Integrated robot solutions.

Biesse offers its customers pragmatic solutions for factory automation.

ROS robotised solutions ensure a marked increase in production and total reliability of both the production process and the unloading operations, even in a wider context of industrial automation.

ROVER A 14/16: Photo 4

Loading and unloading solutions. Automated cell for machining a batch of panels or doors.

A single platform to manage all machine processes.
ROVER A 14/16: Photo 5
Software for ROVER A 14/16
ROVER A 14/16: Photo 6
B_SOLID High-tech becomes accessible and intuitive
B_SOLID is a 3D cad cam software application that supports the performance of any machining operation thanks to vertical modules designed for specific manufacturing processes.
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