CNC Machine Financing and Leasing for 2021 (Guide)

"Whatever you call it, a lease, a loan, or financing, we have the solution for you" - Stan Ragley, Finance Consultant

What is CNC Machine Financing?

CNC machine financing is a form of business financing used to provide businesses with the necessary capital to obtain the equipment or CNC machine they are looking to invest in.

What is CNC Machine Leasing?

CNC machine leasing is a form of financing that lets business owners rent CNC machinery during a agreed upon time period. The lessor, who is the owner of the CNC machine, allows the lessee to use their equipment for a specific time frame and then they must purchase the piece if equipment, renew the lease, or return the machine to the owner.

Why Finance a CNC Machine with Biesse?

Our financing program makes it easy and affordable to obtain new CNC machines so your business can increase efficiency and productivity quickly and easily

1. Greater Efficiency and Reliability
• Having the ability to use the equipment that you need keeps your shop efficient and reliable, while using outdated CNC machines will one day give your shop a bump in the road that it was not expecting. Financing with Biesse gives you the freedom to pick the exact machine you are wanting which will keep your shop moving forward without any hesitations.

2. The Increase in Working Capital
• Maybe the greatest benefit to financing a CNC machine is not having to pay large sums of money upfront for CNC equipment. With small monthly payments, this frees up capital for the business to pay for any expenses or any unknown issues that may arise.

3. It Frees up Lines of Credit
• Usually you would need to apply for a business term loan to receive the funds needed to purchase a new piece of equipment. When choosing to finance the CNC machine it keeps your credit lines open for other expenditures.

4. There are tax benefits for financing or leasing a CNC machine
• Through CNC machine financing you pay interest at the agreed upon rate between the two parties, and that interest can then be written off as tax-deductible.

5. Our application process is quick and simple
• We tried to make it as efficient as possible to apply for financing. With our quick and easy process, from submitting your application to closing can usually be completed in the same day

Who qualifies for CNC machine financing and leasing?

We have financing options for all types of credit, even including start ups.

How can I apply for CNC financing or Leasing?

You can easily apply using our application below.

Link to Printable Application
Link to Secure Online Application
For more information, contact Stan Ragley at 704-641-2587 or by email at

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