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AWFS 2021

July 20-23 Ver horario
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV Abrir en Mapas
AUTOMACTION: Integrate, connect, digitize

Biesse is thrilled at the return of face-to-face events and our team is actively preparing for the AWFS Fair taking place July 20–23, 2021 in Las Vegas!

During AWFS, Biesse will present our latest innovations in technology ranging from affordable high quality entry-level machines up to the most technologically advanced solutions available for panel processing, solid wood manufacturing, plastics, and composites manufacturing. Addressing the challenges of today’s market, we will be showcasing many new products that are focused on flexibility, productivity, and lowering operating costs.

Product specialists will be on hand to explain the latest trends and technology designed to reduce setup time and increase productivity and we will also have a dedicated area for demonstrations on the innovative SOPHIA IoT, bCabinet and bSolid software that takes you from concept to design in just a few clicks!

We're excited to be face-to-face again at AWFS to personally demonstrate the new technology solutions developed by Biesse over the last 2 years!
Mike Johnson Biesse America VP of Wood
We're excited to be face-to-face again at AWFS to personally demonstrate the new technology solutions developed by Biesse over the last 2 years!
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AUTOMACTION: Integrate, connect, digitize

AWFS 2021

Visit our booth #1322, #1423 and #1723 to discover our 16,000 sq ft of technology! Be our guest and use code BIE165 for FREE registration!

Visionary Award Finalist

VIET ARS: The simple but effective solution for managing heavy, difficult parts without increasing the demand of expensive shop floor space or labor costs

The growth in demand for solid wood Live Edge Slab material and Glulam Beams inspired our new VIET ARS (Auto Return System). Available on all VIET sanding machines, this new feature eliminates the cost of a traditional return conveyor system. 

ARS enables the machine to detect when a component has exited, opens so the part can be freely transported back without interference, returns the part to the infeed, and automatically closes to the original thickness for the next pass. It enables one operator to handle large dimension/heavy components, eliminating manual labor costs, minimizing plant floorspace requirements, and lowering the risk of personal injury.

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Visionary Award Finalist

Biesse's Dual Glue System

Our customers are looking for quick and easy glue change systems and the new Dual Glue System provides a simple, versatile twin pre-melter system that meets their objectives. The Dual Glue System is designed to simplify and optimize the work process, making the working area cleaner and maintenance easier. In just a few quick, simple steps, you can change the glue color, switch from PUR to EVA and vice versa and clean the unused pre-melter in real time without stopping the machine.

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Virtual Reality - not just for gaming anymore

Virtually experience live tours of robotic installations without ever leaving the Biesse booth!  Join Biesse and our robotic solutions partner AutomaTech Robotik in Biesse’s booth for an augmented reality tour of manufacturing plants realizing the strength of this partnership during AWFS!    Take advantage of this unique interactive opportunity to experience automation in real time and see what the future can hold for your production. 

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See how digital connectivity of machines will help maximize the efficiency of your shop.

Biesse will demonstrate LIVE how stand-alone machines can be digitally connected through our BCabinet software to provide 360° management of scheduling and tracking of your production. Also experience first-hand the benefits of integrating our Sophia IoT and PARTS Sophia diagnostic tools that will ensure production reliability by increasing the uptime of your equipment. Let us demonstrate how Biesse’s digital solutions can help manage your entire shop from design to production to maintaining your equipment. Find out more:

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Key Financing Tips to Make the Most of Tradeshows

Finance Manager Stan Ragley has more than two decades of experience in overseeing the financing of Biesse and Intermac machines for America and Canada. He’s seen it all during that time and has a wealth of knowledge to impart to customers, particularly as they are getting closer to a tradeshow or event. With AWFS 2021 just around the corner, Ragley provided his biggest financing tips for prospective buyers.

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Products on Display

CNC - Centros de trabajo


Easy and compact machining center for high quality NC nesting production.

CNC - Centros de trabajo


Rover A es el nuevo centro de mecanizado de control numérico flexible de alto rendimiento con estructura gantry, diseñado para los clientes que desean invertir en un producto capaz de procesar cualquier tipo de elemento de forma rápida pero con excelentes resultados.

CNC - Centros de trabajo


Rover B FT HD es el nuevo centro de mecanizado de alto rendimiento de Biesse dedicado a las operaciones de nesting. Diseñado para altas velocidades y aceleraciones óptimas, se posiciona como la máquina más productiva del mercado.



Un centro de corte para la pequeña empresa que decide realizar una primera inversión para mejorar la calidad de la producción y el mecanizado al pasar de la maquinaria manual convencional a una tecnología de corte real que sea fiable y fácil de usar a un bajo coste.


AKRON 1300

La gama de canteadoras monolaterales automáticas ideada para los artesanos y los talleres de producción a medida de las industrias que buscan simplicidad y flexibilidad de uso en espacios compactos



La nueva gama de canteadoras monolaterales automatizadas dirigida a empresas de tamaño medio que deseen incrementar su capacidad productiva



Stream A SMART es la nueva gama de máquinas automáticas de recorte de cantos monolaterales, diseñadas para productores artesanos y pequeñas empresas que buscan facilidad de uso y producción personalizada.

Lijadoras y calibradoras


La lijadora calibradora de altas prestaciones que requiere una inversión reducida

Lijadoras y calibradoras


Opera 5 es el centro de acabado modular que puede utilizarse en cualquier tipo de aplicación; representa la máxima expresión de la configurabilidad

Lijadoras y calibradoras


Una lijadora robotizada exclusiva que ofrece un nivel de mecanizabilidad, precisión y calidad sin igual respecto a las tecnologías del sector.



El nuevo taladro vertical compacto y versátil que ocupa un espacio mínimo y permite trabajar formatos de diferentes espesores y dimensiones.



Elix es la taladradora - mandrinadora de espigas punto-punto, ideal para operaciones flexibles de perforación y taladrado e introducción para la producción de cocinas, muebles, cajones y piezas pequeñas.
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Más información
AWFS 2021
Horarios y ubicaciones

July 20 - 22, 2021 9:00am-5:00pm

July 23, 2021 9:00am - 2:00pm

Las Vegas Convention Center Abrir en Mapas
Booth #1322, #1423, #1723
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