Inside 123

October 13-16, October 20-23, & November TBD
4110 Meadow Oak Dr, Charlotte, NC 28208 Ouvrir dans Maps
Inside 123
4110 Meadow Oak Dr, Charlotte, NC 28208 Ouvrir dans Maps
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Biesse Group is excited to announce Inside 123 – a special 3 week edition of our well known Inside event, reformatted to meet today’s current way of working. We will bring together the Biesse, Intermac and Diamut divisions at our Charlotte Campus to showcase the latest advancements in technology, software and training for machining wood, advanced materials, glass and stone.  

By extending the event, we offer our customers more options to make planning easier and to welcome smaller groups where we will adhere to social distancing guidelines to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers. Smaller groups also give you more one on one time with our experts to discuss your production and help guide you to the best solution. We will also be streaming LIVE machine demonstrations for anyone who is not able to join us. At Biesse, we make it easy! Click the Register Here for more details and to choose the date that works best for your schedule.

Week 1:  October 13 – 16, 2020

Week 2:  October 20 – 23, 2020

Week 3:  November – TBD

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Inside in Action

As an added value, we are combining this event with Biesse Group Corporate’s new Inside in Action being held from October 5 to 30, where real and virtual meld into one. Inside in Action is designed in three tiers – INSIDE LIVE, INSIDE NEXT and INSIDE PLAY – through which customers can participate in-person at the campus in Pesaro or remotely, exploring the world of Biesse, Intermac and Diamut innovations through a virtual platform where they have an opportunity to engage in streamed demonstrations and webinars.

REGISTER HERE: https://inside.biessegroup.com/en/

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