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Smooth on the corners

A superb finish to edges and corners, endless flexibility and fast changeovers are just three of the benefits of Biesse’s new AR70 corner rounding unit.

When was the last time you took a close look at the edges of your finished panels – a really close look? Were the radii absolutely smooth and free from chatter marks? Did you notice any chipping? Did the corners pass the thumbnail test, or did you notice a tiny raise in the edging material that snagged?

With the emphasis firmly on imperceptible glue lines, it makes little sense to ignore imperfections on the edging materials – and to combat such imperfections is one of the key reasons Biesse has introduced its AR70 single-motor corner rounding unit as an option on its mid-range edgebanders.


Machines equipped with an AR70 will appeal to customers who want total flexibility on the corner-rounding.
Malcolm Storey Biesse UK’s Brand Sales Manager for Edgebanding

The AR70 is a single-motor cornerrounding unit that gives you the advantage of being able to do top and bottom cornerrounding with just the one unit. It comes as standard with a multi-profile tool that includes four radii and one 25-degree chamfer, so you have five options that can be used to process the edge. You have standard 3mm, 2mm, 1.5mm, and 1mm all on one tool, which means you have enough radii to cater for a 1mm on slab effect panels for kitchens and switch instantly to larger radii for such as office and educational furniture, care homes or hospitals.

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Smooth on the corners: Photo 1
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