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Drilling by Numbers

The Brema Eko 2.2 is a vertical drilling machine that’s been designed to impress and you only have to look at the numbers to see it does just that.

Six hundred panels drilled on five faces in an eight-hour shift from a single operator machine with a footprint of just 17 square metres. You’ve got to admit, those are impressive numbers.

Designed with fitted furniture manufacturers in mind, the Brema Eko 2.2 – part of Biesse’s woodworking portfolio – is a highly customisable vertical drilling machine that will drill panels on all four edges as well as the face and it comes with sufficient routing capability to offer corner notching and grooving.

From an operator perspective, it couldn’t be simpler to work with: a batch of barcoded panels from a panel saw or a beam saw is scanned by the operator using the optional barcode reader, which loads it into the work list automatically. All the operator has to do is place each panel on the machine one at a time and collect it when it’s been processed.
It will use the x-axis laser to detect the size of the panel, then it carries out the operation and returns the panel either on the left or on the right, or through a panel return system.
Paul Willsher CNC Brand Manager - Biesse UK
Where some vertical drilling machines have one gripper, Biesse has equipped its Eko 2.2 with two and both have independent brushless motors. The main driver behind this was the greater precision and rigidity required for zero referencing but it’s also essential where panels that require a longerstroke than the maximum 1500mm in the x-axis have to be moved.

The Eko 2.2 can be equipped with either a single drilling head, or two independently operating drilling heads and there is a choice of two different types of HSK electrospindle. As a further option, Biesse has provided the facility for an eight-position automatic toolchanger on one of the heads – an unusual feature for this type of machine. “We can actually manage aggregates within the toolchanger so if you did want to use a sawblade, for example, you can manage it with the toolchanger.
Drilling by Numbers: Photo 1
The eight-position toolchanger is a big USP.
Paul Willsher UK Wood Commercial Director
Combined with the macros in the bSolid software used to run the machine, the flexibility in the heads and the toolchanger of the Brema Eko 2.2 make it possible (as an option) to cut pockets for panel fixings and Biesse has macros covering all the major fixings from Lamello, IF and Ovvo as well as cam and dowel systems. “If you have a particular fitting such as a Clamex, you can use the saw blade for this,” confirms Paul. “It won’t insert the hardware but it will machine the panel to take the hardware. The macro is already in the program and there is an option available for gluing and inserting dowels."
Drilling by Numbers: Photo 2
The Brema 2.2 is a very versatile, very fast, easy-to-use, compact drilling machine – probably one of the most productive in its class. It’s certainly a machine worthy of a closer look if you’re in need of a compact drilling solution and by the end of the year, Biesse UK should have one to demonstrate with a panel return system in the UK Daventry showroom.

Find out more by reading the PDF article here including the machines additional features and what else manufacturers can get from it.

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