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A tech centre for all

Biesse has pretty much everything necessary to simulate and prove performance of the exact machine that interests you in Daventry.

As far as Biesse in the UK is concerned, their facility in Daventry covers most bases – but then, Biesse hasn’t equipped it as a showroom and demonstration area. They’ve equipped it as a Tech Centre and although the exact machine you need may not be present, more often than not, among the demonstration models there will be machines that have the features you need.

Biesse’s UK brand sales managers and technical application engineers, working in partnership with Tech Centre Manager Nigel Elmes, have pretty much everything they need to simulate and prove performance of the exact machine, or line that interests you in Daventry.

We’ve tried to be flexible enough to showcase as many features as we can on the range of machines available in the Tech Centre.
Michael Clack Technical Application Engineer, Biesse

In addition, the Tech Centre is used for demonstrations using materials supplied by the customer and that’s not just wood-based panel products and edging materials says Michael Clack who heads up the CNC side of Biesse in the UK. “With CNCs, I cross over into the world of advanced materials and there, material testing is the most important thing. We often test the material before we even start to look at what type of machine a customer might need, as well as setting up demonstrations to prove the technology we are suggesting is the right solution for the customer."

"We can showcase just about every eventuality here, unless it is something really specific. Customers are generally willing to let us in to show specific features and machines in operation but often, even the most complex solutions that we’re offering start with people coming to the Tech Centre to see basic concepts.”

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