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Effective Sanding

Add new dimensions and finishes to your panels and solid wood with Viet finishing centres from Biesse.

The art of making wood look older than it is, or adding character with chiselled, sawn or worn effects is hardly new. Makers of copy antique furniture are particularly skilled at it. But ageing a newly made piece or even the reclaimed oak in a potboard dresser is a skill that takes time. And in a modern production environment, time is a precious commodity.
The effects from some of Biesse sanders will certainly appeal to manufacturers who want to create characterful surface finishes for specialist furniture, flooring and joinery applications - and to do so, simply, effectively, quickly and with repeatability.
Michele Luzio Brand Sales Manager - Biesse
Biesse offers five different Viet sander models. The range starts with the Viet S211, a compact calibrating machine for small-scale calibration and sanding operations. Then come the Viet S1 and the Viet S2, both offering greater freedom to choose the working units. How much material you need to remove determines which you would opt for: equipped with hard rollers, the S1 and S2 would both remove 0.3mm and more in one pass, but if your work demands removal of 3mm, the Viet S2 can be equipped with a planer unit which will remove all 3mm in one pass.
We can produce three types of effects - distressed, sawn and wavy. All three effects are achievable with Opera 5.
Michele Luzio Brand Sales Manager - Biesse
Biesse Viet effect on segmented pad. 
The Opera 7 is a heavier machine that offers working widths up to 1900mm and it is more customisable. The way Viet has designed the system for producing wavy effects is quite unusual. By using a special blade that’s equipped with a pebble-like surface.

If it’s the effect of old wood you’re after, the way to create it is to remove the soft grain, and for this purpose, Biesse offers a choice of steel brushes or Tynex brushes.
A range of different sanding belts can be used on each working unit that will allow a user to achieve different finishes.
Michele Luzio Brand Manager - Biesse
The choice of Opera 5 or Opera 7 really depends on the working units you want to use. The Opera 7 has a more robust frame with a high degree of customisation. For high gloss finish, you might want to use a longer crossbelt.

To arrange a 1:1 demo on Biesse sanding machines, please call 01327 300366.

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