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Biesse at Ligna

Biesse will be presenting the technological innovation which transforms factories into better places to work.

A stand featuring 6,000 square metres of automation and digital interconnection, with 49 technologies in action, three fully-automated process solutions and 50 years of technological innovation to be celebrated, all in the name of the future.

With these impressive numbers, Biesse is set to bring the future of industry to LIGNA, presenting a vision of a reality where the creative minds of people meet the infinite capabilities of machines: the winning partnership that is taking shape between the two offers a host of opportunities and advantages connected to robotisation and the digital factory. This human-machine alliance enables production to become fully automated and interconnected, leading to the creation of intelligent factories. This is Automaction.

At LIGNA, Biesse technologies are the undisputed stars of the stand, and mark a year full of exciting new developments. Three completely automated process lines demonstrate to visitors the results that can be achieved with customised, flexible production. Designed to enable Biesse to get closer to its customers and meet their production needs - which differ in line with the size and requirements of each individual company - the three solutions vary from one another with regard to the number of panels produced per shift, but all offer the same high levels of performance, in terms of quality, efficiency and flexibility. These machines are the fruit of the Testimonial in Automaction project, a close collaboration between Biesse, CUBO DESIGN, LAGO and BMT BAGNI, three leading names in the world of Made in Italy design with an international presence, with whom Biesse shares a focus on the customer, along with a number of key values and production principles.

We are currently experiencing a real revolution, an industrial transition from "iron" to digitalisation, as I like to describe it, and we must manage this in the best way possible in order to ensure that we can continue to grow. We are at the dawn of a new horizon, a new world that will no doubt bring a host of benefits.
Roberto Selci CEO of Biesse

There will be a total of 49 solutions in action, aimed at all manufacturing companies, from large-scale businesses with significant production volumes to those looking for flexibility and customisation and small firms that can be transformed into real "smart factories". From Rover machining centres - which represent a guarantee of reliability on the market and are now even better, courtesy of a new and more advanced FPS (Feedback Positioning System) for the work table, delivering improved performance in terms of speed, productivity and safety - to the new edgebanding machines: indeed, Stream A Smart and Akron 1100 will be making their first ever appearance at LIGNA. For the housing sector, UNITEAM RC will be making its début; this new entry-level machining centre is dedicated to the processing of beams and partitions for the production of prefabricated panels and frame structures, and is ideal for small and medium-sized companies.

The Digital Hub will be at the heart of the Biesse stand - the nerve centre of the new digital world, this solution was created to accompany the customer through a path that shows the various phases of the construction of a 4.0 factory via a host of innovative functions, from the simulation of processes and machining operations, to the software for the design and optimisation and programming of production facilities and the ability to choose between the services available to monitor progress, increase productivity and all the services offered by SOPHIA.

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