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Free CNC Upgrade Offer

Improve efficiency and quality with a Free upgrade, available on compatible new Flat Table CNC machine orders.

Discover our FREE CNC upgrade promotion - Available in April & May 2024*


Flat Table CNCs ¦ FREE Tracker Jet Dust Mitigation Upgrade*

Get our patented Tracker Jet dust mitigation solution that increases efficiency and creates a cleaner working environment as a Free upgrade on any new compatible machine order.

A set of high pressure nozzles are mounted to the rotating C axis, allowing them to follow the cut line, counteracting high velocity dust particles escaping the extraction system and dislodging any dust that has settled in the cutting channel.

- Significant reduction of dust in the working environment 

- Reduced cleaning for faster job turnaround 

- Longer tool life and improved finish quality 

Click to see the T-Jet in action. T-Jet removes chips and dust during processing. Utilising the C-axis, T-Jet follows the tool to clean the cut line and side surfaces.

Contact us HERE to find out more or to book a demo and see Tracker Jet in our Daventry Tech Centre.


Low Cost Of Ownership ¦ Save Tax On Your Investment

Using the UK Government's new 'Full Expensing' scheme, for every pound a company invests, taxes are cut by up to 25p.

Finance options available.

*This offer applies to compatible new machine orders for customers in England, Scotland and Wales. Offer ends May 31st 2024.

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