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International Composites Summit

06/09/23 - 07/09/23 See timetable
International Composites Summit
Visit us on pod 40
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes ¦ 6-7 September

The International Composites Summit (ICS) is back for its highly anticipated 2023 edition, bringing together industry leaders, researchers, and innovators from across the composites sector.

ICS promises to be a unique platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and exploring the latest advancements in composite materials internationally.




Join us on pod 40 and discover how we can help you find the best solutions to your production challenges. With UK based service, support teams and demo facilities, and a network of complimentary partners, we are able to support you to optimise and simplify your production processes.

International Composites Summit: Photo 1
Materia CL
Materia CL is a range of versatile, compact, 5-axis processing centres designed to meet a wide variety of high-speed machining needs in relation to the milling of advanced and compound materials and special or stratified resins for mould models, the machining of thermoformed elements, unusually shaped three-dimensional elements, and components for the aeronautical sector, boats and the car industry.
International Composites Summit: Photo 2
Rover Plast A FT
The only solution for performing milling and cutting operations on technological materials. The tangential/oscillating blade, coupled with a camera for reading print markers, supports the full processing of materials for the graphic arts industry. The precision and quality typical of Rover’s technology support the perfect execution of all standard machining centre processing operations.
International Composites Summit: Photo 3
Primus Plast Waterjet

Designed for dynamic companies that need to achieve further optimization in cutting. Primus is the new waterjet system designed to meet the needs of companies seeking maximum versatility.

Zero set-up time – Primus is designed as a plug and play system that immediately allows to start the production.

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International Composites Summit
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Hours and location
6 Sept: 9am-4:00pm / 7 Sept: 9am-4:00pm
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
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