SELCO WNA 6: Photo 1

Cut to size angular plants

Reduced working dimensions and maximum performance.
Selco WNA 6 is a range of cutting systems offering two fully independent cutting lines with automated loading that respond to the requirements of the furniture and semi-finished product industries. Selco WNA 6 is an innovative solution that is ideally suited to small and mediumsized companies who want to automate their production processes.
Machining operation precision
The sturdy pushing carriage positions the panels quickly and accurately, thanks to its brushless motor. The slide surface below the pushing device is fitted with independent rollers to avoid marking delicate surfaced panels.
SELCO WNA 6: Photo 2
Maximum productive efficiency
The two cutting stations can execute cutting patterns completely independently, thanks to the presence of an intermediate zone that can accommodate a whole panel. Both areas are fully covered in independent rollers to preserve the panels’ surface.
SELCO WNA 6: Photo 3
A single platform to manage all machine processes.
SELCO WNA 6: Photo 4
Software for SELCO WNA 6
SELCO WNA 6: Photo 5
Software to optimise cutting patterns and maximise efficiency for both material costs and cutting times.
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