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15 Years of Biesse India

15 Years of Biesse India

The year 2021 marks 15 years of Biesse in India

Launched in 2006 with a team of 10 members to provide a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions in the woodworking industry, today Biesse India includes more than 700 employees, its world-class manufacturing facilities in Bengaluru spread over 30,000sqm and has reached an annual capacity to manufacture over 1800 CNC machines for wood and advanced materials like glass, stone, metal and plastic, being available in 100+ different configurations. Its export markets spread across 60 countries.

All these changes over the last 15 years came with great efforts, resulting in Biesse being recognized in the market as a professional company, which drives its business through knowledge, expertise, hard work and focus on customer service driven by a sustainable approach.

To all our employees, customers, stakeholders and friends – I thank you for your continued commitment to Biesse. We are all prepared to make this company stronger by finding solutions to the challenges of our industries and making sure that we overcome this global health crisis in good shape.”

Sayeed Ahmed, CEO - Biesse India

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