Software B_NEST: Photo 1
B_NEST is the bSuite plugin specifically for nesting operations. It allows you to organise your nesting projects in a simple way, reducing the material waste and machining times.
Flexibility with reduced times and production costs
B_NEST identifies the most efficient production layout and sequence for rectangular or shaped elements, thanks to the various algorithms in the software. A choice of nesting algorithms (Cutting optimizer, Guillotine cut, Common cut algorithm) means that the best compromise between waste, finish and execution time can be defined.
Software B_NEST: Photo 2
Optimisation for every type of product
Various calculation options allow B_NEST to generate specific nesting layouts for the customer’s type of production.
Software B_NEST: Photo 3
B_NEST evolves to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer.
As the market moves forward, B_NEST adds increasingly advanced functions to keep up with the times.
Software B_NEST: Photo 4
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