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Practical evolution

2XL, a significant example of the evolution path towards the 4.0 factory.

Customer: 2XL
City: Brescia
Country: Italy
Website: www.2xl.it

Numerous companies have begun their evolution path towards the 4.0 factory by adopting MDS Biesse solutions. One particularly significant example is 2XL. This Brescia company started out as a distributor of panels, glues, accessories and other materials for producing furniture items that were supplied as semi-finished. Over time, customers' requests and the constructive approach of 2XL management, aiming to serve the market in the best possible way, ensured that the company's supplies evolved in the direction of semi-finished items already edgebanded and bored; in other words, components ready to be assembled as part of modern furnishings. Clientèle segmentation and requests for one-to-one solutions, with extremely fast delivery times, guided the set-up of new production departments, in particular for the edgebanding phase.

2XL: Photo 1
Biesse designed and built an MDS 2.0 cell interlocked by an automatic system with BAR-CODE identification of the piece. In this way, production can include very different mixes and can be completed in a very short timespan, ensuring quick, prompt delivery - a real plus factor that makes 2XL stand out on the market. The evolution of its range has also raised quality standards at the same time. In fact, Stream MDS guarantees geometries that are highly precise in terms of format, and it uses the Air Force System (a technology that joins the edgebanding strips to the panel with an invisible glue line).
2XL: Photo 2
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