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Biesse goes Hyper

With Hyperpods on your Biesse Rover you will be able to carry out secondary machining operations without intermediate handling and re-referencing.

Cutting curved or shaped components on a CNC that subsequently need edging, drilling or routing can often involve removing them from the bed of the machine and re-referencing. In terms of productivity, that’s far from efficient and can easily lead to wasted materials if the secondary operation is carried out on an inaccurately-positioned workpiece.

If individual cut components could be face or edge-drilled, routed or edgebanded without the need to remove them from the bed, not only would there be significant timesaving, the associated risks would evaporate immediately.

That was the reasoning behind the development of a brand-new generation of pods that has been launched by Biesse called 'Hyperpods'.

A Hyperpod is a standard pod that allows you to lift and lower workpieces so secondary operations can be carried out.


The beauty of Hyperpods is they can be used in conjunction with standard pods.
Michael Clack Biesse’s CNC Brand Sales Manager
Biesse goes Hyper: Photo 1
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