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Inside Wood UK

19/09/23 - 21/09/23 See timetable
Inside Wood UK
Join our Inside Wood event
UK Tech Centre ¦ 19-21 September

See our technologies machine, nest, size, drill, label, sand and edge all in one event. Talk to our industry experts onsite and get up to speed with the latest industry news and trends.

There is something for everyone!




5 Axis CNC - Pod & Rail
See how to reduce set-up times and errors with set-up assist, reduce cycle times and improve quality with continuous C-Axis head rotation and calculate accurate job times with our simulation tools.
Flat Table CNC - Nesting, Off Loading & Labelling
See how to achieve consistent small parts production, how offloading tables can increase productivity and how labelling aids parts identification including data for secondary processing.
SEE NEW TECHNOLOGY - See our T-JET dust management solution that increases quality, prolongs tool life and accelerates job turnaround by reducing machine clean down.
Edgebanding - EVA, PUR and AirForce zero glue line 
EVA & PUR demos with Hybrid Glue Pots that provide flexibility, automated glue control that delivers high quality glue lines and optimises glue consumption. Also see how to achieve a high quality finish with pre-drilled panels.
SEE NEW TECHNOLOGY - Get the best finish to edges and corners, with endless flexibility and fast changeovers with our new AR70 corner rounding unit.
Drilling - Vertical CNCs
See how dual laser measurement with automatic adjustment and dual grippers for thickness measurement delivers accurate drilling and secure panel handling.

Beam Saws
See how to increase productivity and cut 2 strips simultaneously with our Twin Pusher system and how to manage piece unloading and identification with our Smart Stacking software.



Are you experiencing issues with manual sanding? Quality or consistency issues? Skills shortages? Labour intensive operations?

Hand sanding is a skilled job and results can vary from person to person with process times often dependant on the labour that is available. 

Join our Sanding Masterclass, part of our Inside Wood event, where you can learn how automatic sanding can deliver perfect results and reduced processing times for calibration, pre-veneer sanding, base coat sanding and more.

So come and learn more about how automatic sanding can benefit your business.

Topics covered include:

  • The sanding process
  • Belt use and selection
  • Number of passes and feed speeds
  • Zonal sanding

We look forward to seeing you to discuss how to increase quality, ensure consistency and reduce your running costs.




We will also be joined by our partners:

Software for furniture & interior design

With iX CAD, users can create standardised parametric furniture catalogues as well as truly bespoke products, transforming your ideas into reality. iX CAD covers all processing steps from planning and design to drawing output and CNC production allowing you to streamline your processes with the greatest possible flexibility.



When you opt for REHAU, you are choosing over 50 years of experience in interior finishing. Elegant, high-quality furniture components are their passion. This is the reason why they develop products and services that enable you to create unique favourite places.

Their range of RAUKANTEX edgebands includes everything you need to create stunning furniture and interiors, from solid colours and decorative designs to glass effect, metal effect, translucent and 3D looks. All are available for use with traditional primer or as invisible-joint edgebands.


Edgebanding Adhesive For Perfect Results

Jowat provides innovative and powerful industrial adhesives, tailor-made for their customers in different industries. Jowat is the global leader in edgebanding adhesive technologies.


High-Performance Cutting Tools

EMST have over 50 years’ experience in the service, supply and manufacture of quality cutting tools for the Woodworking industry. With a policy of continuous improvement and investment, they have the most advanced production technology in the sector.


Dust Extraction

Nederman are market leaders in wood dust extraction, with solutions designed to protect workers from inhalation and the risk of explosion associated with wood dust.

They are able to design, supply and install bespoke systems to meet your wood dust requirements, regardless of the size or scale of operation.

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Inside Wood UK
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