Biesse Finance

It's easy and affordable to obtain new equipment

We offer an outstanding program – one developed by finance professionals with extensive experience – to effectively handle all of your financing needs.

Biesse Finance makes it easy and affordable to obtain new equipment.

We offer an outstanding program, developed by finance professionals with extensive experience.

Leasing Program Features:

• Competitive rates & structures
• Simple application form
• Finance 100% of equipment cost, including, freight, install & training
• Fixed monthly payments
• Quick credit decisions
• 12 to 84 month terms
• Customized payment plans

Benefits of Leasing:

A number of benefits make leasing more advantageous than traditional borrowing or purchasing with cash. By enabling you to readily enhance your business with revenue-generating equipment, keeping your cash readily available.
Conserve working capital: Because leasing lets you finance 100% of the transaction (unlike bank loans, which generally require a minimum 20% down payment), you retain more capital each month for growing your business.
Maintain ownership equity: With leasing, you avoid diluting ownership in your business through equity financing.
Stay on top of technology: Leasing gives you the flexibility to upgrade or add on as technology changes, through lease modifications.

Because every business is unique, Biesse Finance offers flexible payment structures based on your unique circumstances and credit worthiness. And can be structured to give you the option of buying the equipment at the end of the term.

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