Simplificamos el proceso de fabricación para sacar a relucir el potencial de cualquier material.

Your reliable co worker

Always ready

Robot for material handling and automatic stack creation.
Zero mistakes, minimised defects and downtime: a perfect job.
-4300 kg less physical effort for the operator
A future proof choice requires the best partner. We want to improve and simplify your daily operational activities by an automatic robotic solution integrated in your process.

Safety as a total commitment

When we design our machine, safety is always our priority. Our solution incorporates the highest safety standards, so you and your team will never be at risk.

Higher efficiency
Robot can lift any weight without any effort. A significant improvement for quality of work life.
ROS: Foto 1
ROS: Foto 2
More value
The robot can work autonomously, allowing the machine operator to focus on higher-value tasks.
A technology that projects your factory into the future
ROS: Foto 3
ROS: Foto 4
A machine that works on its own, while you create value for your company
All's well, that starts well: the robotic unloading will guide your workflow optimally
ROS: Foto 5
Sort your panels, boost your workflow
You can choose how the robot will prepare stacks for you. Panels can be sorted by job, by cabinet, by size according to your workflow and your rules.
Non-stop processing

The robot will work on a dedicated carpet.

This solution will increase productivity because the machine will not stop when operators enter the robot area to pick up the stacks.


All in one, ready to use

ROS FT becomes an integral part of your Rover machining center. The automation you need is ready right away, with all the necessary features.

Plug & play

the dedicated carpet allows you to connect ROS FT even in a subsequent investment.

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