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サンディング・キャリブレーティング・マシン OPERA 5: 写真 1
Finish quality superior to market standards
Opera 5 is the finishing centre designed for small and medium-sized companies that need to carry out particularly complex calibration and sanding processes, whilst ensuring high levels of productivity.
サンディング・キャリブレーティング・マシン OPERA 5: 写真 2
サンディング・キャリブレーティング・マシン OPERA 5: 写真 3
Saw-tooth effect
サンディング・キャリブレーティング・マシン OPERA 5: 写真 4
Matt finish
サンディング・キャリブレーティング・マシン OPERA 5: 写真 5
Glossy finish
サンディング・キャリブレーティング・マシン OPERA 5: 写真 6
Rustic effect on soft wood
サンディング・キャリブレーティング・マシン OPERA 5: 写真 7
Rustic effect on oak
サンディング・キャリブレーティング・マシン OPERA 5: 写真 8
Wavy effect
A wide range of applications
A comprehensive range of units can be combined and duplicated within the 4 position head, deliveringa quality finish for any type of panel which is vastly superior to the usual market standard.
Biesse サンディング・マシンの電子パッドおよび ローラーの高性能技術は、同一のサンディング圧を 維持し、さまざまな厚さの表面に適合するとともに、 表面の最適な平坦性を実現するために、 一貫した研磨作用を発揮します。
Solutions for impeccable finishes
Opera 5, available with 2 to 5 working units and equipped with cross units, pad units, superfinishing pad units and/or sanding brushes in any positioning order, is configured as a genuine finishing centre.
サンディング・キャリブレーティング・マシン OPERA 5: 写真 9
Solutions for calibration and bulk removal
The HPG unit is recommended for the calibration of blockboard panels andsupports the removal of several millimetres of material in a single run.
サンディング・キャリブレーティング・マシン OPERA 5: 写真 10

Biesse Opera 5 XLL - Brushing Machine

The Opera 5 XLL configuration allows to sand 3D panels, shaker doors, and much more. The XSpin unit with vertical brushes is the ideal solution for structuring solid wood components manufactured with different grain orientations: soft material is removed from the wood's grain in a uniform way, also thanks to the tool's oscillating motion, which ensures an extraordinarily even processing finish. The XSpin unit's functions also include the edge-rounding of painted panels, which eliminates any issues linked to manual handling, with the resulting uneven production and system slowdowns.

Opera 5 - Special Effects Configuration

Biesse’s widebelt sanding machines can be equipped with a vast array of Special Effects applications, including solutions for solid wood structuring, wavy planer effect, saw effect, random effect.

Opera 5 - Multipurpose Automatic Widebelt Sanding Machine

Opera 5 is the new finishing center designed to satisfy the needs of medium to large-sized enterprises that require versatility and a high technology content.

Opera 5 - 5.3 - Five Units Version

Solutions for impeccable finishes. In the version with 5 internal units, the Opera 5 maximizes the flexibility and variety of processes available, from calibration to glossy finishing operations and decorative surface effects, enabling the initial preparation, intermediate processing and finishing of the panel to be carried out using the same machine.

Sanding and profiling with a single solution.
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