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Increasing competitiveness with software

Artinvest is a 20 years old company and one of the leading company in Serbian market in selling material for furniture production and at the same time finished furniture.

Kunden: Artinvest
Ort: Belgrade
Land: Serbien

"We have ten shops dislocated from the central workshop; customers come to our shop, they have some ideas or some specification of elements and fittings, they can say 'I need this element which this color, this elements with this edgebanding', or we can even help him if is not familiar with that kind of business, so they can produce alone their own furniture.

Then we use Optiplanning, a Biesse’s program for optimization of cutting, we collect different orders from customers and put it automatically in the system here in the headquarter of our company, and then we put it in production. We need to finish everything, to produce the elements and then we need to deliver them to customers without any mistakes and right on time.

The Whole system prepares the boards for the next cutting with the look ahead function or during the night, and cutting is automated on that way that the operator cannot make some mistakes or choose some other color. When we finish we're going on drilling on skipper machine or on Rover. With this software we have now, from Biesse, and with some other software we want to integrate together with your software, I think that our advantage in comparison with the competition will go on some higher level with all of this”.

Artinvest: Foto 1

"When we started to think about this investment and we recognized that we need something like this, we contacted five biggest producers in Europe. There are many elements if you want to make some decision like this: trust, price, quality of the equipment, even delivery, and very important after sales service. Biesse really listened to us, we know that Biesse have service in Serbia with many technicians, and it is very important for us to have really good support in after sales. In this few months after installation we had really good support from Biesse, machines are working properly and everything is ok and I can say that we're satisfied with our choice".

Without the help of software we would be blind: we cannot do anything
Sasa Kostic General manager
Sasa Kostic
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