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PRP Manufacturing

Customer: PRP Manufacturing
City: Dudley Park, South Australia
Country: Australia

Since 1991 PRP Manufacturing has become widely recognized as a leading engineering and manufacturing company, specialising in materials such as rubber, sponge, foam, plastic and even composites . PRP Manufacturing started by producing rubber and washer components, and have since diversified and have moved in to advanced flatbed technology. With their onsite design and engineering team PRP are able to produce products from the design phase right through to manufacture from prototypes to high volume production.

“The Biesse Rover A Plast greatly enhances our manufacturing efficiency by allowing the processing of large volumes of work, and for certain jobs, with autonomous cutting. The BSolid software has been a seamless integration into our operations, allowing for streamlined processing of our drawing and cutting files." Luke Sernecki, CEO at PRP Manufacturing.

PRP Manufacturing work with specialised materials focusing on concerns such as thermal conductivity, sound dampening electrostatic discharge and radio frequency. Watch how the Biesse Rover A Plast provides PRP with unique capabilities and allows them to cut a range of thickness and a range of materials so they are able to provide bespoke and customised solutions, servicing different customers from a wide range of industries.

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