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Krix Loudspeakers

Customer: Krix Loudspeakers
City: Hackham, South Australia
Country: Australia

Established in 1974, Scott Krix began making speakers and creating high end products in Australia to export around the world. Approaching a 50 year milestone Krix Loudspeakers continue to innovate, creating Australian made and manufactured speakers. 

“We take a lot of pride in building a high end product. We take care so its very important that the equipment and the machines that we use are of high calibre and can get very accurate machining tolerances. Hence the reason we chose a machine like the Biesse” Ashley Krix – Co Owner at Krix Loudspeakers.

To make the process more efficient and keep production here in Australia there was a requirement to have a second 5 Axis machine from Biesse.

Watch the Krix Loudspeaker story which highlights the Biesse Rover A Smart 5 Axis machine creating a Hi Fi and home cinema range with accuracy and precision.

The Rover A Smart 5 Axis machine allows Krix to do fully mitered cabinets, so they are able to put a single sheet on the machine, cut out a product and fold it up into a loudspeaker, which is really efficient technique. To do this it demands a machine with very good accuracy, and the Rover A Smart from Biesse was the one that was able to provide the accuracy within 0.1mm or better to achieve the folds that Krix Loudspeakers are looking for.

“One of the things that really appealed to us about the Biesse is the BSuite Software. It’s way more sophisticated than anything we had used in the past and gives us a lot of confidence about our programs before actually putting wood down on the table.” John Scott – R&D Manager

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