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Is it possible that a single machine can totally transform a business?

Stephen Slater, Managing Director of STAL Limited, believed the purchase of a Biesse Materia CL 5-axis CNC machining centre to process ‘advanced materials’ was a good business decision, but has been impressed by the actual rate of growth that this new capability has delivered.

Customer: Stephen Slater
City: Chesterfield
Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.stalltd.com/

STAL have three CNCs dating back to 2012, which process composite board for pattern making.

“We were a steady business making patterns for the casting industry” explained Stephen. “We identified a potential opening within the Motorsport sector, but we needed a more versatile and larger CNC machine and one that could process aluminium as well as composite materials. We talked to various CNC manufacturers before settling on Biesse.”

“It’s the best thing I could have done. Biesse have been amazing. The whole process of specifying the machine, visiting the manufacturing plant in Italy and working collaboratively with Biesse’s team who delivered the operation and software training has been brilliant. We also feel that we are also pioneers as we were the first company in the UK to purchase a Materia CL”.

"The benefits of buying the machine have been amazing. On the production side with one of our existing jobs, it used to take 2 weeks to make in multiple parts. Now we can do the whole thing in a week. We can also make much larger components then we could before. This has also freed up time to do even more jobs.”

The Materia CL is one of a wide range of machines made by Biesse for pattern and mould making as well as all forms of 3D trimming. Machines can be specified with a range of HSD milling heads combined with controllers from OSAI, SIEMENS and HEIDENHIEM.

To satisfy the need of customers requiring a larger machining volume, the Materia range is available in many sizes up to 20m x 5m.

“But by far the biggest benefit has been generating new business. We’re now operating in four new markets in Motorsport, Aerospace, Marine and Automotive, with customers such as McLaren, Haas F1 and Porsche. We are now firmly in the mould and model making industry.”

“The bottom line is that it’s helped to increase our turnover by 30% and will probably provide an ROI of just 24 months.”

“We’re now looking to purchase a second machine.”

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