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Yachtline 1618

A century-long tradition for luxury yachts

With 30 years' experience, Yachtline 1618 is one of global leaders in the manufacturing of yacht luxury interiors. A team consisting of over 200 craftspeople and technicians in search of excellence.

Customer: Yatchline 1618
City: Calcinaia (Pisa)
Country: Italy

“Mastering matter means shaping it, caressing it and smoothing it with knowing hands, until the original shapes imagined by designers come to life. Our interiors come to life thanks to the work of master artisans, inspired by centuries of generations and by a professional know-how that is unique in the world, coupled with technological innovation.

Yachtline 1618: Photo 1

To start with, materials are handled by the software of NC systems. These are perfect machines that execute interior projects according to the Owner's exact specifications. They are latest-generation machines that support every step of the production process and prepare the ground for the final, manual touches applied by master craftspeople”.

Thanks to the accuracy of Biesse's numerical control machines, we can produce notches, mathematical curves and minimal sections.
Enzo Bandecchi Owner
Enzo Bandecchi
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