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Biesse Supports Provider Protection Movement

Knowing our Biesse customers have CNC Machines ideal for making intubation Boxes inspired us to take action and help make them part of the provider protection movement
Federico Broccoli Subsidiaries Division Director
Biesse Supports Covid-19 Provider Protection Movement: Photo 1

As we all saw the spread of COVID-19, Biesse America started asking what could we do to help. Our team was motivated by what the Biesse subsidiary in France had done and took inspiration from a Woodworking Network article about a movement to build Intubation Boxes to help protect essential healthcare workers. We spoke with our valued partners and determined that we could do something quickly -- provide our thousands of CNC customers around the globe with concepts, drawings and resources for desperately needed products, such as grocery store checkout protective barriers, face shields and Intubation Boxes. The first drawings, for Intubation Boxes, are now ready for release.

The first product with drawings Biesse has ready for release is the intubation box. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spreads, international guidelines confirmed that medical procedures such as intubation or tracheotomy posed the highest risk of transmission of COVID-19 to healthcare providers. The Shortage of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers gave rise to a simple and inexpensive solution – a plexiglass Intubation Box that could be cleaned with a bleach or alcohol solution between procedures. Although Intubation Boxes can be made by hand using plexiglass, masking tape, and some kind of acrylic adhesive, having the speed, power and performance of a CNC router, makes the build much easier. Some Biesse customers, including The Closet Dr in California are already leading the way in testing and preparing their facilities to build boxes.

Designed to contain dangerous virus particles expelled from patient’s airway during intubation, the box can be kept over the patient’s head during transport from the ER to the ICU. It also protects providers when it’s time to take a patient off a ventilator – a cough inducing procedure that spreads more virus particles. “Knowing our Biesse customers have CNC Machines ideal for making intubation Boxes inspired us to take action and help make them part of the provider protection movement,” said Federico Broccoli, President and CEO of Biesse America and Canada and also the Global Subsidiaries Division Director for Biesse.

“The Biesse team quickly moved forward to create DXF drawings for fabricating Intubation Boxes that customers could easily import into the machine’s software. They worked on BPP and bSolid files ready to import into Biesse software (BiesseWorks and bSolid),” Broccoli explained. Biesse is also supporting its customers with ready-to-ship tooling specs, a list of acrylic sheet suppliers, and ways to connect fabricators with healthcare organizations in need of the products.

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For copies of the bsolid or biesseworks files along with tooling, supplier and other resources required please reach out to your local area manager or email with your contact information.

We’re all in this together. If you have any products, drawings or ideas that you would like to share or request our application engineers to work on next to help fight this pandemic, please let us know.

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